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Fused Silica Right Angle Prisms

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Fused Silica Right Angle Prisms



  Total internal reflection prisms
  90°or 180° beam deflection
  These uncoated right angle prisms are made from UV transmitting Fused Silica .They may be used in a variety of ways for beam deviation or as substrates for beamsplitters. When a beam enters normal to one of the legs of the prism it arrives at the hypotenuse face at an incidence greater than the critical angle .It is totally internally reflected at the hypotenuse and emerges normal to the other leg face. If the beam is input normal to the hypotenuse face it undergoes two total internal reflections at the leg faces and emerges in the opposite direction (180°deflection).Many different coatings may be applied to these prisms and some of the more common types are described on the following page .If you need other coatings please contact Henghua.


Material:                          UV Fused Silica

Surface Flatness:             < λ/8 @ 633nm

Surface Quality :             <20/10

Dimension Tolerance :   <+0.00/-0.20mm

Angle Tolerance :           30 arcsec

Perpendicularity          <5 arcmin

Clear Aperture :              85% of central circular                   dimension

Bevel :                              0.3mm (typical) x 45°

Anti-reflection Coating :  R0.25%(typical) on both legs


      Part No.           A(mm)  

      RAP-05U            5

      RAP-06.35U         6.35

      RAP-10U            10

      RAP-12.7U          12.7

      RAP-15U            15

      RAP-20U            20

      RAP-25.4U          25.4

      RAP-38.1U          38.1

      RAP-50.8U          50.8

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