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BK7 Right Angle Prisms

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Fused Silica Right Angle Prisms




  TIR or protected Aluminum coating

  Right angle bending prisms work effectively by total internal reflection. They are anti-reflection coated on the legs. Optionally, the hypotenuse may be coated with second-surface aluminum protected by black sealing paint to ensure grazing incidence reflection. These prisms are suitable for optical delay lines and for high power use.


Material:                  UV Fused Silica

Surface Flatness:          < λ/8 @ 633nm

Surface Quality :          <20/10

Dimension Tolerance :    <+0.00/-0.20mm

Angle Tolerance :         30 arcsec

Perpendicularity       <5 arcmin

Clear Aperture :          ≥85% of central circular                 dimension

Bevel :                    0.3mm (typical) x 45°

Anti-reflection Coating : R0.25%(typical) on both legs


Part No.

TIR Prism

AR on legs      Bending Prism

Hypotenuse      Al on hypotenuse  A

Uncoated        AR on legs       (mm)

BP-RAP-05U      ALP-RAP-05U       5

BP-RAP-06.35U   ALP-RAP-06.35U    6.35

BP-RAP-10U      ALP-RAP-10U       10

BP-RAP-12.7U    ALP-RAP-12.7U     12.7

BP-RAP-154U     ALP-RAP-15U       15

BP-RAP-20U      ALP-RAP-20U       20

BP-RAP-25.4U    ALP-RAP-25.4U     25.4

BP-RAP-38.1U    ALP-RAP-38.1U     38.1

BP-RAP-50.8U    ALP-RAP-50.8U     50.8

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