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Sapphire Windows

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Sapphire Square Window



  Square plane windows
  Laser finish both sides
  Apply any anti-reflecting coating
  These square plane windows are polished to a laser grade finish on both sides. They are intended for transmissive use and are parallel to better than 3 arc minutes. Select a coating appropriate to your application or contact us with your special coating requirements.

Part No.           L            t                          Flatness

               Length       Thickness        Material        per inch



SWI-1206B      0.50         0.250        BK7A           λ/10

SWI-1906B      0.75         0.250        BK7A           λ/10

SWI-2502B      1.00         1.5mm         BK7A           λ/2

SWI-2503B      1.00         3.0mm         BK7A           λ/4

SWI-2506B      1.00         0.250        BK7A           λ/10

SWI-3806B      1.50         0.250        BK7A           λ/10

SWI-4002B      40mm         1.5mm         BK7A            λ/2

SWI-5001B      2.00         1.0mm         BK7A           λ/2

SWI-5002B      2.00         2.0mm         BK7A           λ/2

SWI-5009B      2.00         0.375        BK7A           λ/10

SWI-1206B      0.50         0.250        UV F.S.          λ/10

SWI-1906B      0.75         0.250        UV F.S.          λ/10

SWI-2502B      1.00         1.5mm         UV F.S.          λ/2

SWI-2503B      1.00         3.0mm         UV F.S.          λ/4

SWI-2506B      1.00         0.250        UV F.S.          λ/10

SWI-3806B      1.50         0.250        UV F.S.          λ/10

SWI-4002B      40mm         1.5mm         UV F.S.          λ/2

SWI-5001B      2.00         1.0mm         UV F.S.          λ/2

SWI-5002B      2.00         2.0mm         UV F.S.          λ/2

SWI-5009B      2.00         0.375        UV F.S.          λ/10



Surface Flatness:               See table

Surface Quality:                10/5(both sides)                           Wedge :                       3arcmin

Diameter Tolerance:           +0.00/-0.20mm

Thickness Tolerance:           <±0.25mm

Clear Aperture:                85% of side

Bevel:                          0.3mm(typital)*45°

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